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Community Clean is a full-service janitorial cleaning company serving the Puyallup Community. We provide customized office cleaning, entry and lobby cleaning, hard surface disinfection, trash and recycle removal, complete restroom sanitation, locker room cleaning, floor care, top to bottom dusting, window cleaning, pressure washing, dry vapor steam cleaning, deep cleans, and daily, weekly and monthly cleaning.

Are you a business owner in Puyallup? Puyallup is an excellent place to do business! Welcome to Puyallup, Washington! Puyallup is the third largest city in Pierce County and the twenty-ninth largest city in the State of Washington! Puyallup was named after the local Native American tribe (Puyallup Indian Tribe) and means “generous people.” It is the home of the Washington State Fair (formally known as the Puyallup Fair) and the Daffodil Parade. There are over 41,866 people living in Puyallup today. 3,886 of Puyallup’s population are veterans. Puyallup sits at the foot of the beautiful and scenic Mount Rainier in the Puget Sound region specifically in Pierce County, it is 10 miles east of Tacoma and around 35 miles south of Seattle.

Community Clean is an Army veteran and family-owned business based. We provide premier commercial cleaning services and professional janitorial services. We earn your business each month!

Puyallup is a growing city. Puyallup residents are 84.4% Caucasian, 6.9% Hispanic, 2.1% African American, 3.8% Asian, 0.7% Pacific Islander, 1.4% American Indian and 2.1% a mix of two or more races.


The median household income is $65,719 and the average Puyallup resident income is $33,866. The median home price in Puyallup is $278,900. Puyallup has a 10.6% poverty rate. Over 92.2% of Puyallup residents have graduated high school and 27.3% have a bachelors’ degree. The minimum wage is $12.00 an hour.


Keep it clean with Community Clean! The last cleaning company you will ever need to hire!

Our professional office cleaning company offers a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. We offer competitive pricing accompanied by attention to detail, quality cleaning! You will rest easy knowing that we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We have a three-step hiring process that includes conducting employee drug screens and performing back ground checks. With our unique Swept app, you get direct communication with the owners that ensures immediate response times!


Professional Janitorial Services in Puyallup

Call Community Clean today at (253)324-3420, book an appointment here and we look forward to meeting you!


Puyallup is split up into four boundary areas; North Puyallup, South Hill, Puyallup River Valley and Puyallup. Back in the mid 1800’s, Puyallup was an agricultural community. Farmers such as the famous Ezra Meeker, grew hops, berries and flowers. In the spring time, Puyallup celebrates its heritage with the annual Daffodil Parade which is the third largest flower parade in the state of Washington.


There are plenty of things to experience in Puyallup. From local events, concerts, the Washington State Fair, farmer’s markets, outdoor activities, parks, and more! Check out the Ezra Meeker Manson Museum, The Paul H. Karshner Museum, and the Arts Downtown Outdoor Gallery. Don’t forget about the Spring Fair at the Washington State fairgrounds!



Community Clean is a full-service janitorial cleaning company providing top-notch cleaning services to all types of facilities. We provide customized cleaning services for your business to include: office cleaning, bank cleaning, church cleaning, medical office and facility cleaning, restaurant cleaning, gym and fitness facility cleaning, dental office cleaning, YMCA cleaning, auto dealership cleaning, building cleaning, hospital cleaning, floor cleaning, industrial cleaning, warehouse cleaning, post construction cleaning, community center cleaning, daycare cleaning and school cleaning in your community.


Puyallup Office Cleaning and Business Cleaning

Call Community Clean today (253)324-3420 or Schedule a 20 minute hassle-free facility walk-through


With so much at stake, the cleaning needs of healthcare facilities are unique from many other commercial buildings. They require the expertise of janitorial specialists that are dedicated to ensuring a thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected medical clinic. Community Clean brings our extensive cleaning knowledge, cleaning methods and cleaning products, to help prevent cross-contamination. With Community Clean, you benefit from a local network that delivers consistent results across the complete range of healthcare cleaning needs.       


Today, fitness facilities face a lot of competition and to thrive; they must understand (and promote) the importance of a clean facility. Maintaining clean (and germ-free) locker rooms, workout areas, restrooms, and equipment is one way that gyms and fitness centers can stay ahead of their competitors. When it comes to gyms, a quick wipe-down is never enough to keep these hot spots free of germs, viruses, mold and bacteria. This is why gym owners must consider our professional cleaning services that will leave every facility smelling fresh, looking great, and 100% clean.       


If you run any type of  business, you may be conflicted on whether you should invest your hard earned money in janitorial cleaning services. Although you may not realize it yet, there are a lot of benefits of using a professional cleaner in your building. Let’s talk tax deductions first! Hiring a professional office cleaner is a tax deduction. When you sign up for office cleaning services, you get a form W9 to turn into your accountant. If you are interested in the other benefits of having a clean office, read our article below!


Community Centers like the YMCA, senior centers, and others are held to a high standard of cleanliness. With many of the participants in these buildings being young children or the elderly, these organizations need to have an active cleaning service to preserve a safe environment for their guests and workers. Often times, there can be food services available in these buildings, which means there’s even more opportunity for harmful bacteria and germs to spread. With Community Clean, we’ll ensure that your community center facility is cleaned every night, if needed. We also have on-site supervisors to keep our cleaning team on task. 




Offering your patients, a clean and healthy environment at your dental office is the key to keep them happy and stress-free. They expect a clean and fresh facility when they visit their dentist and want the dental procedures to be done in a disinfected and clean office. Maintaining the cleanliness of your dental clinic through Community Clean, professional dental office cleaning service is crucial to create a significant positive impression on your patients.             


You can take this added stress off your bank employees, give them more time to focus on their jobs instead of spending their valuable time cleaning the bank. If you need to make sure that your bank is cleaned the right way, call Community Clean and ask for bank cleaning services today.     


Creating a safe, clean environment in schools and daycare centers provides you with an opportunity to make a real impact through our school cleaning services. Cleaner, healthier classrooms mean an improved environment for learning, which makes it easier for both teachers and students to perform their best during the educational process. When it comes to your school or daycare facility, we will work closely with you to choose the right educational facility cleaning services for your custom cleaning plan. Community Clean takes a tour of each school or daycare center and tailors a custom cleaning plan to provide a clean, safe space for your students, staff, and visitors.       


Every government office should hire Veteran-owned and Veteran-led businesses. Veterans know what it takes to get a job right and have been trained to make it happen. Our leadership at Community Clean has been trained in loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honesty, integrity, and personal courage. We go above and beyond to maintain the cleanliness of your government building.     


While you may be tempted to cut out the cost of a cleaning service and delegate the duties to your staff or even carry them out for yourself, come the end of a long day you could have a group of overworked and tired looking team members dragging mops across the floor. Do not wait for customers to complain about dirty floors, dust in your retail space or even worse, a gross restroom. Attention to detail is required from cleaners who are providing cleaning services to a retail business. Your customers see and judge it all. We can help!




We all know that “Cars Cost Less in Puyallup”. You deserve the best cleaning service for your auto dealership business. At Community Clean, we know that when customers enter your showroom floor, they expect to see shiny cars, spotless floors, and a clean waiting room with a nice, fully stocked beverage area (and hot, fresh coffee!). Can you visibly see dust in your showroom, cobwebs in the corners, fingerprints on windows, scuff marks on the floors and God forbid, a dirty restroom? You need professional dealership cleaning services. If you are already at this point, don’t fret, help is a call away. Community Clean has the expert cleaning solutions for your car dealership.   



Our mission is to help your residential or commercial building company reach your goals by providing you with consistent, quality cleans every time. Our post-construction team consists of a lead cleaning technician and his or her team of experienced cleaners. A full inspection report with pictures is completed through our cleaning app. The lead technician is required to submit the inspection report to your site manager and to the owners of Community Clean. We do this to make sure that every clean is completed fully, to keep our team connected to your team every step of the way and to ensure that your needs and expectations are met. We look forward to helping you put the finishing touches on your homes or buildings!                                                                     


Residential Services Coming Soon!

Business Cleaning Services Provided in Puyallup

For years, Community Clean has been providing business leaders with top-notch professional janitorial cleaning services. We use high quality equipment and the latest cleaning technologies to ensure your office or facility receives a quality clean while keeping your clients and team's health at our highest priority. A common question asked during our 20 minute walk-through is what services can we provide to your office. Quite honestly, we can do just about anything! Cleaning services can be performed as many or little times a month as needed. We have some clients who we clean 364 days a year and others who we see once a month.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Puyallup WA ~ Call Community Clean today (253)324-3420 or Schedule a 20 minute hassle-free facility walk-through

Community Clean provides commercial cleaning services to facilities in Puyallup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We have a minimum requirement of once per month however, we never lock you into a contract. Every business has unique cleaning needs. Schedule an appointment with our cleaning consultant to discuss your requirements. Cleaning services are more affordable that you may think. Seriously. The time and energy you save from riding your cleaning headache is priceless. We know firsthand the joys of having a clean office (Of course we hire our own cleaners to clean our office)!

Our customized office cleaning in Puyallup is the real deal! First, schedule a 20 minute, hassle-free walk-through with our expert cleaning consultant. Second, receive and review our affordable cleaning proposal that will include a cleaning schedule tailored to your needs. Then, our professional cleaning crew delivers results! In the mean time, our cleaning consultant sets up your personalized location on our super special cleaning app (It is an amazing tool and we would love to show you how we use it to make your life easier!). 

You only get one first impression! If you have an unclean entry and a dusty lobby in your Puyallup business, your guests are sure to notice. This problem can easily be fixed with commercial cleaning services. Don’t let this simple fix cost you money, time and poor reviews on social media. You need the best janitorial services in Puyallup. Keep your office clean with Community Clean. 

Time to share some dirty statistics. People still admit to not washing their hands after using the restroom which is why the typical office worker is exposed to over 10 million bacteria every day. Yikes! Did you know? The average desk is 100 times less cleaner than your kitchen table and 400 times more filthier than a toilet seat! What about this? The typical keyboard has over 16 million microbes on it. Most offices do not thoroughly clean their workplaces with proper cleaning solutions. Let us disinfect for you. Simple but genius! Our commercial cleaning services in Puyallup can reduce employee sick time and cut the germs in half (at least)!

Our 4 stage HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners are the best vacuums available for vacuuming offices through out Puyallup. These commercial vacuums suck up all the dirt and debris and filter the air at the same time. This leaves your office in Tacoma truly fresh. Vacuuming on a constant basis extends the life of your carpet. It also reduces the burden of dirt, dead skin cells, fungus, mold and dander that get built up quick. Yes, we do breathe that harmful debris. That is why we recommend 4 stage HEPA vacuuming for your office cleaning needs.

We have all heard the saying, “A dirty restroom means a dirty business”. Restroom cleaning is serious business. Toilets are teeming with bacteria, over 49 microbes per square inch! Surprisingly, sinks are the dirtiest place in the restroom. Did you know that 30% of people admit to not washing their hands after the restroom and 30% only use water! I bet it wouldn’t surprise you that the push plates and door handles are covered in microbes, some of the microbes such as MRSA can live up to 180 days. Dirty hands spread disease so wash your hands and disinfect your restrooms. If you are in need of restroom cleaning for your business in Puyallup, please call us today. 

Gym and community center locker rooms like the Mel Korum YMCA in Puyallup get a lot of heat, literally. The warm, moist climate allows mold, bacteria, fungus and viruses to grow at super fast speeds. A strict disinfecting protocol alternating between peroxide and bleach will keep YMCA showers and locker rooms clean and disinfected. Commercial cleaning services for the YMCA and community centers is the best option for locker rooms and showers as many YMCA employees are unable to spend the time cleaning and disinfecting properly during the day when clients are in the facility. 

Our janitorial service for Puyallup offices includes trash removal and recycling disposal. Cleaning services are not complete without taking out the old to make room for the new. Contact us today to see if our commercial cleaning services can make your life easier.

Our janitorial service includes top to bottom dusting. As a part of your customized cleaning services, we always start your cleaning up high and work our way down low. There is no use in cleaning the floor and baseboards first because after we dust your office up high, it all falls back down to the floor. Every office we have cleaned had cobwebs in the corners and dust hidden through out the facility. Dust is very common in old Puyallup offices and buildings. 

Window Cleaning Services in Puyallup

Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning in Puyallup

Pressure Washing in Puyallup

Carpet Cleaning in Puyallup

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